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Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser

In accordance with chapter 1.8 ADR, Companies involved in dangerous goods activities, shall appoint one or more safety advisers responsible for helping to prevent the risks inherent in such activities with regard to persons, property and the environment.

Maritime way Advising (IMDG)

Dangerous goods maritime way expertise staff will provide you all information and documents required for dangerous goods shipments. They will purpose you the best solutions and they will advise you, in order that your shippments arrive in perfect condition.

Airway Advising (IATA)

Our accredited Shippers (Cat. 1) Staff will provide you the best solution for all airway shipments, they also solve any incident during DG transportation.

Repackaging and conditioning

We can offer you a complete service of repackaging of chemicals and dangerous goods conditioning to any mode of transport. The perfect solution to ensure your goods will arrive in the best condition.

Other advising fields

Hazardous Wastes
Environment Management Systems
Logistics management software