Quality based on experience

PROYSOLTEC, whose purpose is to improve existing products and services, adapting them to the needs of our customers, through the application of innovative solutions in the field of dangerous goods.


Computer engineers specialized in dangerous goods and chemicals management apps development.
Advisers on IMDG Code Regulations for Dangerous Goods shipments.
IATA Accredited Dangerous Goods Instructors.
Firefighting Trainers.

Experience of more than 20 years in dangerous goods advising.


We constantly seek for the balance between our four fundamental principles:

Immediate response

PROYSOLTEC is committed to its clients, to give a quick and effective response to their needs, with the highest level of quality.

Quality and Reliability

The professionalism and experience of our staff guarantee the quality of our products and services.


We only offer our advice in those fields in which we have proven competence.


No data or knowledge acquired in the advising process will be transmitted to third parties.

Do you want to meet us personally?

We will be happy to advise and offer you our best quality products and services for your company.